Apostle Ferguson utilizes a militant yet motivating method of training to instill within the registrant both the severity of what they’re called to, and the seriousness of how they're aspiring to be used by God. 

However, although intense, we ensure that the approach is pleasant and compassionate. The ultimate goal and the end result of this training is you being built up and strengthened. 

Please be advised this class requires social media engagement. However, the social media interactions engaged in this group are not tasking. 

They only work to instill consistency, reinforce the responsibility associated to the call, and lastly, work within all registrants multiple other disciplines that Apostle Ferguson covers in one of the first teaching videos that you'll view within the private Facebook community.

Although occurrences of the following are rare, the FERGUSON'S ADMIN/JONATHAN FERGUSON ENTERPRISE STAFF reserves the right to cancel your registration at any point if compliance with the groups rules or if the following compliance agreement is broken.

Should you have any further questions, email us at support@jonathanfergusonent.com.

Click HERE to sign the compliance agreement. 

Please note: Course material will not be received, and access into the private Facebook community will not be granted until the compliance agreement is complete.